Lyle Bunn: "Media can only be successful if it is measured". Measurement and advertising in digital signage

DSE showed us short speeches from leaders of the digital signage industry. One forum that has generated more debate was focused on audience measurement and its relationship with advertising management. This is the basis of return on investment in digital signage, so I decided to analyze the audience measurement keys for optimize the advertising management in digital signage. To develop this analysis I began with an interview with Lyle Bunn, a digital signage industry veteran and one of the people that has contributed to its development in the United States.
Lyle Bunn is one of the most proven professionals in the industry. He was recognized with an Honorary Doctorate in January 2011 by the Digital Signage Expert Group for his significant contributions to education and the development of the Dynamic Place-based Media industry. He is one of North America’s most highly regarded independent consultant, advisor, commentator and educators to end users, integrators, suppliers, operators and investors of Digital Signage, Digital Place-based and Enterprise Media.

In this post, I summarize some of the most important views and the full interview will be available in the final report:
  • “Media can only be successful if it is measured. Otherwise it will fail to approval for use and ongoing budgeting”
  • "With audience measurement tools we have the ability to trigger messages that are most suited to an audience demographic being targeted by communicators and marketers”
  • “AVA (anonymous video analytics / audience measurement) is increasingly used to measure the effectiveness of content to attract and hold viewer attention. This maximizes the use of the dynamic display medium as less productive content spots are refined or replaced for playout”
  • “The digital signage market has a big challenge - the lack of affordable measurement has been part of the reason digital signage has taken so long to gain traction in the advertising industry”.

More about Lyle Bunn?

The final report on audience measurement and advertising management in digital signage will show the full article by Lyle Bunn and other professionals in the industry of digital signage and advertising. Stay tuned