Tweets destacados sobre el evento Digital Signage Expo

Como en anteriores ocasiones, te muestro algunos tweets destacados en Digital Signage Expo. Podemos encontrar ideas interesantes acerca de la gestión publicitaria en digital signage, la medición de audiencia, la conexión con el consumidor, generar nuevas experiencias en el punto de venta y, como no, sigue el debate en torno a las asociaciones del sector.

margotmyers1 Gwen Morrison, The Store: Media continuum connects consumers & shoppers--in-home,experiential, in-store contacts.
Adcentricity challenges to overcome: Measurement/Believability, Compliance, Creative, Education and Alignment
Adcentricity Evian Example: only medium used other than viral. Generated good sales lift. Relevant to the environment
DigSignageToday: Media that is not measured is a business problem, not a solution - Suzanne La Forgia
Hoppy624 #DSE2010 DSF - do we really need 2 Assoc. In the same industry? What is the DSF going to offer that the DSA already have and are doing?
KMcGPeoplecount Fred Margolin, CEO of IndoorDirect: "DS metrics currently all over the place" and "not really believed."
margotmyers1 Dan: What problems can DOOH solve? Targeting (product/consumer fit), relevance (unique content), convergence (social media)
Adcentricity You can approach basic planning in 4 key ways; Channel, Geo, Demographic (tombstone) or in-depth census. there are more
margotmyers1 Rob Gorrie, Adcentricity: DOOH planning options--channel, geography, demographics, census & consumer data
margotmyers1 Suzanne: Challenges of advertising in public places -- distraction(billboards along hwys), privacy

Destacan twitteros como Rob Gorrie de Adcentricity, Margot Myers de Platt Retail Institute o Digital Signage Today.