Spanish Wine in ISE: a new challenge for digital signage and audience measurement

A digital signage event is not only a showcase of high-impact technology solutions. This involves building relationships with contributors, customers and suppliers that provide new insights, complete our solutions ... You can live many experiences, but for that we need new proposals and creativity on the part of the exhibitors.
It appears that the Spanish "embassy" in DS Digital Screens & Trumedia (exhibitor 12C60 at ISE, Amsterdam) are preparing something more than good digital signage solutions and audience measurement: you are invited to enjoy a Spanish wine. All attendees and exhibitors are invited: English, German, French, Italian, Asian, American, Spanish, Dutchmen, Swiss, Belgians ... no matter the nationality, we will see digital signage from another perspective.
What most you'll be asking, "Can the audience measurement systems to detect how many people have drunk wine? Were they really looking at screens? Could we consider them as audience?" These issues and others are known only in Amsterdam.
If you want to enjoy a good Spanish wine come closer to the booth DS Digital Screens at 12.00 am on February 2: Stand 12C60, ISE, Amsterdam.