Accenture: The Capabilities to Drive High Performance in the Digital Advertising Industry

For the 2008 Accenture Global Digital Advertising Study—our second annual report on important trends in the digital advertising industry—we surveyed executives of digital media organizations, traditional firms and media services companies about the attributes of high performance and which of their peers they believe will rise to the top of the digital advertising industry in the years to come.

In general, the quest for high performance frames this year's study. We asked respondents to think about keys to achieving high performance in digital advertising: What are the attributes most important to success? Which of these attributes do they feel is most in need of upgrading at their companies if they are to compete effectively?

These two questions led to the emergence of three capabilities that are seen as most important to overall success in digital advertising and, simultaneously, most in need of attention: workforce talent; applied business analytics; and investments and business development.

The complete study here

Roi Iglesias