An Updated Budget for Digital Signage Hardware and Software... in USA

As we can read in Wirespring, blog post by Bill Gerba, the budget for a digital signage network is manageable to many retailers... were is the content? were is creativity? next chapter? You have the news here:

What's the cost of a typical 100-screen digital signage installation?

Enough with the introduction and disclaimers. You want to see the numbers, right? Well, here they are:

Cost of a digital sign for 3 years
40" LCD screen $1,000
Player hardware $1,100
Display mount $200
Player software $450
Management software & tech support $1,500
Installation $1,100
Initial project management $300
Total $5,650

How have things changed
since our last pricing study?

Before we get started with the analysis, all of the usual caveats from past years apply. Namely, this is an aggregate budget, so it's not meant to reflect any one company's products. It also doesn't distinguish between traditional software licensing versus software-as-a-service (SaaS) products. Installation assumes a two-man team arriving at a venue that has existing power lines (so no high-voltage work required). That said, the cost of installing a 100-screen network has dropped about 16% in the past year. The biggest savings came from dramatic price reductions on large LCD screens, which now run about $1,000 for a 40" screen with a three-year warranty (which is a good idea in general, and may be a requirement if you're leasing your equipment).