Help for shop... and new advertising oportunities


Using a display on their trolleys, shoppers in a test in the US will be able to find the products they need and pay for them. The system comes from Microsoft in collaboration with Media Cart. And of course, by knowing where the trolley is travelling around the store, relevant ads can be placed just as the consumer is passing the right spot. The east coast ShopRite supermarket chain will get the test this summer.

Scott Ferris, general manager of the Advertiser and Publisher Solutions Group at Microsoft, tells:

"Digital advertising opportunities are expanding rapidly into new areas, as many of consumers' daily activities, such as shopping, become increasingly 'connected,' and Microsoft is committed to working with advertisers and agencies to take advantage of these opportunities as they unfold."

The shopper will get promotions based on location within the store but that's the least of it. The whole thing works with loyalty cards, so the store will also deliver suggested shopping lists and promotions based on previous habits. Expect more crashed trolleys and tumbling displays of tall canned goods pyramids as shoppers no longer look where they are going in your local supermarket.